Kisújszállás Város Önkormányzata

Name: Kisújszállás Város Önkormányzata

Address: 5310 Kisújszállás, Szabadság tér 1.

GPS coordinate: 47.2202127, 20.7559251

Phone: 59/ 520-222





Description of the city

Kisújszállás is situated in the middle of the Great Hungarian Plain, in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county. It is a cozy town with a great many green area and hospitably "kun" people, located in the heart of the Nagykunság. The town is located by the railway-line between Budapest and Debrecen. It also can be approached through the main road number 4 at the tap number 4201.


The sights and the touristical attractions of the city:

 We can visit several interesting exhibitions walking between the houses which mantain the traditional feeling of the country towns. For example the so-called in Morgó-csárda's baroque buliding the permanent ethnical exhibation, in the articifer house of Papi Lajos we can find his legacy of statuary as well as the unique straw exhibition can be visited. You can get to know the so-called "outside farmhouse" in the traditional house. The well-established traditional house was situated on the brink of the village in the past with defensive details. The protective elements on the house of more than 200 years refer to its use. 

The traditions play a very important roll in our city such as the basket-making, the lace-making, the pottery and the straw-rope pottey. You can get to know these types of traditional arts through our folk societies. The Kivilágos Kivirradtig Festival is one of the best chance to see from closer the arts. The festival is held at the last weekend of September. 

Our city center's buildings of the beginning of the century, the satues of public place enchant our guests between them there is the monument with the turul ( hungarian mythological bird) as well as the pleaded memorial for the famous icecream celler, called Bagaméri. You can not only take walks as experience in the city but also we can relax together in Kumania Thermal Bath, or rather take a rest in the tree stars Hotel Kumania or in the cozy, lakeside, wooden houses of youth hostel.

More over our city provides to get to know  it's horsetraditions, delicious "nagykunsági" dishes , cozy parks, the Móricz-balconies for the interested tourists. The city may also can be a good point of departure.